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Dixie Belle® Best Selling Granny Panties are Back!

Dixie Belle PantyBest selling Dixie Belle® Scallop Trim Full Brief Panty is back, and Nyteez has them in stock!

Since 1946 Dixie Belle® classic scalloped full coverage, sometimes called “granny panty”, has been an American favorite.  The 100% smooth, breathable, USA-made nylon fabric with embroidered scallop detail and cotton gusset will continue to be made with the same great quality, fit, and comfort.

After 73 years, family-owned Dixie Belle® Lingerie sadly closed its doors.  Fortunately, USA company Shadowline® / Velrose® Lingerie purchased Dixie Belle® and is now manufacturing most loved, style 719, Dixie Belle’s classic best selling panty in 4 colors, white, pink, blue, and beige and in sizes 5-15.

Click here to get the best price, plus free shipping on Dixie Belle® panties!

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Halloween 2019 is Almost Here!

Witch Costume

Witch Stockings with Circle Skirt and Retro Style Cardigan



Legwear is a great, inexpensive way to jazz up any outfit for Halloween.

These new green and purple striped Witch stockings are my favorite.  They stay up on their own, the top has spandex in it so it’s tight, but not too tight.

For this Retro Witch look, I’m also wearing Ellie Shoes Eden Platform Pumps,

a fabulous hand made Audry, 15 inch circle skirt sold on Etsy, a black basic retro style button up v neck cardigan and a simple chiffon scarf.


Spider Web Pantyhose


Spider web pantyhose are just cool and would dress up any skirt or dress.


Bobbie SocksGo Retro or Pinup style with Bobbie socks.  We have plain smooth ankle or ruffled ankle in several colors.


Nyteez also has a huge assortment of unique thigh high stockings including;  Cuban heel, seamed, studded and fishnet.

Haute Halloween Dresses

Folter Haunted Dress

Folter Haunted Dress

Haute Halloween Dresses.  It’s that time of year where we get to show off our alter egos.  What’s your secret fashion style?  Spooky, Gothic, retro, sexy, rockabilly, vintage?  Show off your style this Halloween and get noticed! 🙂


Bat Cave Dress

Folter Bat Cave Dress

Folter Clothing has quite a few dresses that are perfect for showing off your Halloween style.  Made in the USA with a retro flair, these dresses are great for work, campus or parties.

The Haunted Dress is great for work or school. The Bat Cave mini dress is perfect for a party.  I love the long solid black Morticia dress, it’s made of a nice heavy rayon knit that hangs beautifully.  It’s also versatile and can be dressed up or down with accessories.

Morticia Dress

Morticia Dress

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Garterbelt Pantyhose

Garterbelt pantyhose

Garterbelt Pantyhose - Cuban Heel

I just got in some Garterbelt Pantyhose inventory and was looking on the internet for a pic of a celebrity wearing them.  I found a few pics, and also learned there is controversy about these things! LOL Apparently many people think they are

paris hilton

Paris Hilton in Garterbelt Pantyhose

inappropriate?  Ummm….they are pantyhose!  Why are sheer to waist pantyhose perfectly acceptable for anybody to wear wherever they want, but pantyhose that are only sheer in some places are unacceptable or trashy?

Personally, I think garterbelt pantyhose are HOT and a great way to add a little pizazz to an outfit.  With all the fun patterns and textures available these days who wants to wear boring tights or hose?

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Date Night is for the Woman, Dummy!

I just read this article ‘Date night’ was wrecking my love life and I knew it had to be written by a man. 🙂  He goes on about how scheduling a night (date night) once a week, to have sex was boring to the point where he dreaded date cartoonnight.  WTH?!  What guy is going to turn down a guaranteed night to have sex?!   Apparently some men, think “Date Night” should be spontaneous and not planned.  Well, I got news for ya!

Date Night is like foreplay.  Women need this, especially now that most women work and raise kids and clean house and cook dinner and do the shopping and do the laundry and and and.  If we don’t schedule in a time to be with you, then it ain’t gonna happen!  Most women are not going to stop in the middle of dinner, or laundry, or cleaning, or whatever to go have spontaneous sex with you.  Once in a while is OK, but all of the time is boring and selfish on your part….we are busy and tired, we want a Date Night.

Women love Date Night!  It is a night we can fantasize about.  We can relax, get dressed up and go out to dinner.  Or we can go for a hike, a walk on the beach, SOMETHING that is just the 2 of us together and no work or kids.  Women like to plan these things and make it special.  Date night is supposed to be special, not boring.  I am guessing the man who hates Date Night, is also a man who hates foreplay.  In other words…a selfish bastard!  🙂

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Valentines Day Dinner

Why does everybody go out for Valentines Day dinner? As somebody who worked in the restaurant business for most of her life I can tell you it is the worst day of the year to go out for a romantic meal. Valentines Day is about celebrating love with your “someone special”.  How is going to a crowded reslobster dinnertaurant with 50 to 100 other couples romantic? Restaurants are so busy on this day that the service is mediocre, your food is usually not as good or non existent since they ran out of what you wanted at 7pm and the atmosphere simply sucks because it’s loud, crowded and chaotic, how romantic is that?! So what to do?….

Personally, I like dining in. I think it’s fun to decorate our dining area with candles (be safe), plug in a romantic sultry playlist, put on something sexy and have a nice light meal at home. I usually cook lobster and king crab legs served with melted butter. For those who  really want to impress their Date, I found a place who will deliver your lobster dinner!  You can even order today by 5pm EST (eastern time) and get it by tomorrow!  How cool is that?

A private romantic Valentines dinner is HOT, a crowded, public restaurant is NOT!

Sexy Shelf Bra Set for Valentines Day

Shelf Bra Image

Sexy red & black shelf bra set.



Valentines Day is only 1 week away. This shelf bra, garterbelt, thong and stocking set will wow your man! Most men love the look of a woman wearing an old fashioned garter belt with stockings.  Yea, they are kind of a pain in the ass to put on, but well worth the effort. 😉  Pair the garterbelt with a shelf bra and thong as in this Shelf Bra Set and he will certainly “Be Your Valentine”!

Leg Warmers……..They’re Baaaaak!

leg warmers

Sexy Black Long Leg Warmers

Back from the 80’s – Leg warmers are back in for this fall / winter!  This time around they sexier than ever and worn with heels, not sneakers.

There are lots of fun styles, colors & patterns to choose from.  There are traditional sweater type warmers to long & sexy opaque ones.  These over-the-knee black leg warmers look great with a mini skirt

Also “in” this winter is patterned tights & leggings.  An easy and inexpensive way to dress up or change the look of your favorite mini skirt.  The look is HOT and they keep you warm in the cold.

Argyle Tights

Argyle Tights


One of my favorites are these Argyle Tights.  A sexy spin on a preppy look.

I have always loved tie dye so these Tie Dye Leggings are also one of my faves.

tie dye leggings

Purple Tye Dye Leggings








Fun & flirty leg wear is in and socks & thermal underwear are out!

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Victoria’s Secret Fall Preview 2009

I just got the new Fall Preview issue and could not wait to open it up to see what is going to be hot this fall. I am not happy! WTH was Victoria’s Secret thinking, or am I just really getting out of touch with fashion?

Victorias Secret Fall Preview 2009

What is up with this outfit on page 22?  This looks dumpy!  Baggy jeans, baggy top and high heeled gray boots? Not sexy or even casual, this is something I would do yard work in, minus the ugly gray boots.

Check out page 31, Tapered pants (ie: Clown pants)!  These were one the the biggest fashion mistakes of the 1980’s.  Nobody looks good in these.  Big baggy pants with a tapered leg?…..YES, your ass will look big in those!

There is a whole section of dumpy clothes!  It’s like LL Bean trying to be sexy….it’s not working.

Look at this outfit on page 18.  Baggy cargo pants tapered & stuffed into knee high boots, with a shapeless drab green babydoll top, paired with a black leather aviator jacket.  This is not flattering and looks more like government issued Army clothes.   Or………when did “Grunge” come back?

Maybe I am just getting old,… I don’t know.  I usually like most of what Victoria’s Secret has.  This issue is mostly unattractive, dumpy, weird stuff.

Now, this is what I like and they happen to be on sale in this issue.  A nice pair of jeans, a white top and high heels.  You can’t go wrong with this.   It is simple, classic, comfortable & sexy.

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