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Date Night is for the Woman, Dummy!

by Dana

I just read this article ‘Date night’ was wrecking my love life and I knew it had to be written by a man. 🙂  He goes on about how scheduling a night (date night) once a week, to have sex was boring to the point where he dreaded date cartoonnight.  WTH?!  What guy is going to turn down a guaranteed night to have sex?!   Apparently some men, think “Date Night” should be spontaneous and not planned.  Well, I got news for ya!

Date Night is like foreplay.  Women need this, especially now that most women work and raise kids and clean house and cook dinner and do the shopping and do the laundry and and and.  If we don’t schedule in a time to be with you, then it ain’t gonna happen!  Most women are not going to stop in the middle of dinner, or laundry, or cleaning, or whatever to go have spontaneous sex with you.  Once in a while is OK, but all of the time is boring and selfish on your part….we are busy and tired, we want a Date Night.

Women love Date Night!  It is a night we can fantasize about.  We can relax, get dressed up and go out to dinner.  Or we can go for a hike, a walk on the beach, SOMETHING that is just the 2 of us together and no work or kids.  Women like to plan these things and make it special.  Date night is supposed to be special, not boring.  I am guessing the man who hates Date Night, is also a man who hates foreplay.  In other words…a selfish bastard!  🙂

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