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Fifty Shades of Whatever…

by Dana
Black Rubber Look Lace up Dress

A recent return request inspired me to write this post.  Many times I get return requests for something somebody bought for another person, that they would like to see them wear.  Most of these items are along the lines of the now popular  Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy.

For example this Rubber Look Lace Up DressBlack Rubber Look Lace up Dress

If your significant other buys you something that they would like to see you in….then WEAR IT!  So what if it is “not your style”!, It’s their style!  If you love this person or care about them, then why wouldn’t you do this for them?  Hell, it might be fun, but most importantly, this person wants to see you in it, do it for them.  Relationships are about equal give and take.   If it is something that seems totally outrageous to you and you just can’t bring yourself to put it on, then you really need to re-think your relationship.  If you never give in to your significant others “fifty shades of fantasies”, then they will go looking for it elsewhere. Trust me on this!

This is especially true for people in the adult entertainment business.  If a customer or fan buys you something to wear, WEAR IT!!!!!!!!  Who cares if it’s not-your-style!  The person wants to see you in it and you will be tipped well and have a loyal fan for doing it.   When you are an entertainer it is ALL about them and what they want to see, it’s not about you and your style.  The most successful entertainers know this very well.

The last return I had from a woman entertainer was this item: Black Gothic PVC Underbust CorsetBlack PVC Underbust Corset(apparently,  many men really like this dominatrix, bad-girl look).  She returned it saying it-was not-her-style. (I wish I had a dollar for every return request with reason. lol)  Weeks later she contacted me wondering where her refund was.  Ummmm how can I refund her?  She didn’t buy it, one of her fans did.  Anyway, she was bummed because she didn’t want him to know she returned it…..FACT:  A sure way to get a man to never buy anything for you again, is to return something he bought for you.  Size returns are OK.  Returning for a refund or something else is NOT OK.  It’s kind of like a slap in the face to the guy and not in a “fifty shades of grey” slap. 😉

Is it really going to kill you to put on something you don’t like or feel like an idiot in?  Just wearing it for them once will make them happy.  And who knows, you might end up liking it.  😀

If  you are a picky Diva Goddess and must have what YOU want, then do yourself and your admirers a favor and build a Wish List and let everyone know about it.  Actually, the Wish List is a great way to let other people know what you like, your size and preferences.  Plus, it can easily be shared via email, facebook, twitter, widgets, web pages, texting, mobile apps, etc.

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