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New Valentines Day Lingerie!

Nyteez Cami Tap Lingerie Set

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We love this dreamy shell pink satin with delicate blue lace camisole and tap short lingerie pajama set.  It’s sexy, yet classy and comfortable to wear.  Perfect for a romantic date night at home.

Valentines Day Pantyhose

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Also, just in this week is panty hose with hearts!  Show off you Valentines Day spirit by dressing up your favorite outfit with heart print pantyhose! Patterned pantyhose, tights and hosiery are an inexpensive way to change up the look of any dress or skirt.



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Date Night Dresses for Valentines Day.

Nyteez has some perfect dresses for your Valentines Day date night!

Black Rose Dress This is one of our favorites, an off shoulder little black dress with a pop of red roses embroidered applique on one side.  This dress comes in plus sizes only.  It’s made of a nice thick stretch fabric.



strappy jumper

Our hot pink jumpsuit has a sexy deep v-neck and strappy open back.  It’s made of comfortable polyester knit and can easily be dressed up or down with accessories.




This red Angel Sleeve mini dress also comes in blackRed Angel Sleeve Dress or ivory.  A flattering style with long wide angel sleeves is simple, yet sexy.


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Date Night is for the Woman, Dummy!

I just read this article ‘Date night’ was wrecking my love life and I knew it had to be written by a man. 🙂  He goes on about how scheduling a night (date night) once a week, to have sex was boring to the point where he dreaded date cartoonnight.  WTH?!  What guy is going to turn down a guaranteed night to have sex?!   Apparently some men, think “Date Night” should be spontaneous and not planned.  Well, I got news for ya!

Date Night is like foreplay.  Women need this, especially now that most women work and raise kids and clean house and cook dinner and do the shopping and do the laundry and and and.  If we don’t schedule in a time to be with you, then it ain’t gonna happen!  Most women are not going to stop in the middle of dinner, or laundry, or cleaning, or whatever to go have spontaneous sex with you.  Once in a while is OK, but all of the time is boring and selfish on your part….we are busy and tired, we want a Date Night.

Women love Date Night!  It is a night we can fantasize about.  We can relax, get dressed up and go out to dinner.  Or we can go for a hike, a walk on the beach, SOMETHING that is just the 2 of us together and no work or kids.  Women like to plan these things and make it special.  Date night is supposed to be special, not boring.  I am guessing the man who hates Date Night, is also a man who hates foreplay.  In other words…a selfish bastard!  🙂

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Valentines Day Dinner

Why does everybody go out for Valentines Day dinner? As somebody who worked in the restaurant business for most of her life I can tell you it is the worst day of the year to go out for a romantic meal. Valentines Day is about celebrating love with your “someone special”.  How is going to a crowded reslobster dinnertaurant with 50 to 100 other couples romantic? Restaurants are so busy on this day that the service is mediocre, your food is usually not as good or non existent since they ran out of what you wanted at 7pm and the atmosphere simply sucks because it’s loud, crowded and chaotic, how romantic is that?! So what to do?….

Personally, I like dining in. I think it’s fun to decorate our dining area with candles (be safe), plug in a romantic sultry playlist, put on something sexy and have a nice light meal at home. I usually cook lobster and king crab legs served with melted butter. For those who  really want to impress their Date, I found a place who will deliver your lobster dinner!  You can even order today by 5pm EST (eastern time) and get it by tomorrow!  How cool is that?

A private romantic Valentines dinner is HOT, a crowded, public restaurant is NOT!

Attn: Men – Fondue is Sexy Food!

Fondue Pot


I say, “attn: Men”, only because I think a woman would be more impressed with a fondue meal than a man would (but, I could be wrong). Fondues are fun and easy and women love them! If you want to impress your girl with a special meal and a romantic evening, what better way than to feed her crusty sour dough bread or fresh shrimp dipped in a creamy buttery cheese sauce, served with a nice cold chardonnay or just have dessert and serve fruit & angel food cake dipped in warm melted chocolate.

Nothing spoils a romantic evening more than a huge meal that fills you up and makes you want to go to sleep. A light meal of fondue and maybe a simple wedge salad is the perfect start to a wonderful romantic evening. Fondue is also fun! You have those long skinny forks which are perfect for feeding each other. 😉

For Fondue information & more romantic date night recipes click here!Sexy Date Night Outfit



Click here for Nyteez Daring Dress Collection, perfect for Date Nights at home.



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