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Garterbelt Pantyhose

by Dana
Garterbelt pantyhose
Garterbelt pantyhose

Garterbelt Pantyhose - Cuban Heel

I just got in some Garterbelt Pantyhose inventory and was looking on the internet for a pic of a celebrity wearing them.  I found a few pics, and also learned there is controversy about these things! LOL Apparently many people think they are

paris hilton

Paris Hilton in Garterbelt Pantyhose

inappropriate?  Ummm….they are pantyhose!  Why are sheer to waist pantyhose perfectly acceptable for anybody to wear wherever they want, but pantyhose that are only sheer in some places are unacceptable or trashy?

Personally, I think garterbelt pantyhose are HOT and a great way to add a little pizazz to an outfit.  With all the fun patterns and textures available these days who wants to wear boring tights or hose?

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