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Victoria’s Secret Fall Preview 2009

by Dana

I just got the new Fall Preview issue and could not wait to open it up to see what is going to be hot this fall. I am not happy! WTH was Victoria’s Secret thinking, or am I just really getting out of touch with fashion?

Victorias Secret Fall Preview 2009

What is up with this outfit on page 22?  This looks dumpy!  Baggy jeans, baggy top and high heeled gray boots? Not sexy or even casual, this is something I would do yard work in, minus the ugly gray boots.

Check out page 31, Tapered pants (ie: Clown pants)!  These were one the the biggest fashion mistakes of the 1980’s.  Nobody looks good in these.  Big baggy pants with a tapered leg?…..YES, your ass will look big in those!

There is a whole section of dumpy clothes!  It’s like LL Bean trying to be sexy….it’s not working.

Look at this outfit on page 18.  Baggy cargo pants tapered & stuffed into knee high boots, with a shapeless drab green babydoll top, paired with a black leather aviator jacket.  This is not flattering and looks more like government issued Army clothes.   Or………when did “Grunge” come back?

Maybe I am just getting old,… I don’t know.  I usually like most of what Victoria’s Secret has.  This issue is mostly unattractive, dumpy, weird stuff.

Now, this is what I like and they happen to be on sale in this issue.  A nice pair of jeans, a white top and high heels.  You can’t go wrong with this.   It is simple, classic, comfortable & sexy.

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