Silk Charmeuse Pajamas

Nyteez - Silk Pajama Set

Nyteez - Silk Pajama Set

Silk charmeuse pajamas are one of my favorite things. I love the way silk feels on my skin and I love the flattering way silk garments drape on my body.

For centuries silk has been regarded as the worlds most luxurious fabric.  Made from unraveling the cocoon of the Mulberry Silk worm.  Each cocoon is made from (approximately) a 1 mile long strand of a natural protein fiber which is woven to make fabric.  The triangular, light refracting structure of the fiber is what gives silk it’s shimmery lustrous appearance.

Today, natural silk had been replaced by less expensive synthetic silk.  But for me, nothing is like real silk charmeuse.  Silk charmeuse is the most luxurious of all silk fabrics.  Silk charmeuse is not the same as silk satin.  Silk satin is not as soft and luxurious as charmeuse.  Silk Charmeuse is also called “crepe back satin”.

Many people think silk is a delicate fabric that needs to be hand washed.  Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers.  I throw my silk pajamas and nighties in the washer & dryer (on the delicate cycle).  Some of my silk sleepwear is

Pink Silk Jaquard Robe

Nyteez Silk Jaquard Robe

over 15 years old!  With time the shimmery silk charmeuse garments tend to get a sand washed look to them, but a good ironing (inside out) on medium high heat brings back the shine.  Or you can dry clean your silk pajamas and they will stay new looking forever.

Victoria’s Secret Holiday Fashion Show!

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Don’t miss it!  On tonight, Dec 3rd at 10pm/9pm central on CBS.  The Victorias Secret Annual Holiday Runway Show is the kick off to what’s hot in the lingerie fashion industry for 2009! The styles, colors & textures, what’s new for 2009?  Victoria’s Secret plans this spectacular fashion show just in time for  Christmas and Valentines Day.

This year Adriana Lima is set to wear a Black Diamond 5 million dollar bra, designed by Martin Katz(does anybody really buy the 5 million dollar bra?!)

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

Be sure to tune in tonight for the most anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show of the year!

What’s Hot – What’s Not – Bras

Victorias Secret Bra

Sexy Bras are HOT! – This is a beautiful Victoria’s Secret Bra from the Angels Collection. Fancy embroidered styles and fun print fabrics are in this year.

Ill fitting Bras are NOT! – Most women are wearing the wrong size bra.  You can measure to get your proper size, but different bra manufacturers and different bra styles may fit differently.  I think it is best to go to your favorite lingerie department and try on a few bras until you find one that fits best.  The size of the bra that fits you best may surprise you or it may not, but at least you will have a general idea of what your size really is.

Below is a link to a bra fitting clinic to help determine if you are wearing the right size and to help you understand how a bra is supposed to fit.

Bra Fitting Clinic –

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