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US Travel

by Dana
Florida Keys

Wow, I just read about the robberies of 22 cruise-line passengers who were on a tour in Puerto Vallarta! I had no idea the crime had become so bad in Mexico.

Several years ago my husband and I went to Cancun and had a fabulous time. We loved it there and plan on going back someday, but we don’t have passports yet. I decided we should explore travel in the US. (what a concept! lol) There

Florida Keys

Florida Keys

are lots of beautiful inexpensive places to visit in the US. For instance Florida, where we just got back from. I thought Florida was better than Cancun. The water was warmer, cleaner, less crowded and there was a beach. In Cancun the beach is being washed away so it is rocky and non-existent in some places. While we were there the rip tides were so bad we could not safely swim.

Our trip to Florida was cheaper than our trip to Cancun. BUT, since we don’t eat carbs, we don’t eat much. We save a lot of money because we are not constantly eating. We also saved money because we were off the beaten path. If we had stayed in Miami the trip cost would have doubled.

If you are looking for US travel that is warm during winter months, I suggest: Southern Florida, Florida Keys, US Virgin Islands, San Diego Ca, and Hawaii.

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