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Camouflage Nighty Giveaway!

by Dana
Camo Nightie

I found a cool new app on Facebook today. Its a Giveaway app, where people can enter and at the end of the month (or what ever date you choose, and the

Camo Nightie

Camouflage Nightie

app randomly picks a winner. Then I send the prize to the winner. How cool is that? I thought it would be a fun way to advertize and communicate w/ my customers. So, each month I am going to have a new Giveaway. This month (March) I am giving away a Camo nightie. You can enter the Giveaway at www.facebook.com/nyteez. Just click on the green giveawayWIN Giveaway button to enter. Right now the WIN button is under the Profile picture BUT, Facebook is once again changing things. Any day now the look of Pages is going to change, so you may have to hunt around for the green Win Giveaway button. (NOTE:Ā  They just changed the Win Button to Giveaway Button)

I am running the Giveaway Event just for fun, no strings attached. I will never use any information I may get from entrants to contact you for any reason (except for the winner, I need to know where to mail your prize) I have no time for that and I don’t like to pester people with ads or communication that they don’t want.

While I was researching all the details and laws about giveaways (YES, there are laws! You can’t just give stuff away on the internet…who knew?) I found another Giveaway type widget for my blog. So, tomorrow I’ll have another giveaway going on here on my blog. šŸ™‚

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