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Small Home Gym and Yoga Studio Plus Review of Titan T-3 Power Rack

Tiny GymI live and work in the mountains 25 miles from a gym.  Going to town to workout takes too much time.  I started a “free weight” lifting program at home, but eventually got to the point where I needed a spotter, or a squat rack, or a weight bench or something.  I do not have space in my house or garage for any of that equipment.  Boo!  🙁   I started looking on the internet to see what fold up type equipment might be out there,  something I could put away, out of the way, when I’m done working out.

I came across the Titan T-3 Power Rack and decided it is everything and more that I would everSmall Home Gym need, affordable and it folds flat against the wall!  Whoo hoo! But, where to put it?  I remembered we had a small 8′ x 7′ landscaping pump house my husband built a few years ago.  Since California has been in a drought we decided not to use landscaping that needed to be irrigated, so the little pump house was just being used as storage.  I went up to measure it and it seemed big enough for this fold up power rack, so I ordered it.


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Weight Loss

usa bikini

It’s 4th of July and you wanted to look like this in a bikini.

You started your diet in January, lost 5 lbs and have since gained back 10. You tried Low Fat, South Beach, Jenny Craig, Low Carb, Weight Watchers and worked out everyday for 3 hours.  But, you felt like crap, were starving all day and couldn’t keep from eating a whole 1lb bag of M&M’s, or my down fall was potato chips (you can’t eat just one!).

It just doesn’t seem right that dieting is so hard.  I was so frustrated with my fat self that I hit the internet in search of why I could not lose weight, no matter what I ate or how much I worked out.

18 months ago I stumbled on some information that changed my life.  I have since lost over 30 pounds, I look 10 years younger, have more energy than I have had in years and feel fantastic. The best thing of all is that it didn’t cost me a dime and it was so easy! No pills, no clubs to join, no more starving and no more 3 hour workouts!

I know it sounds to good to be true, but it is! All I did was eliminate carbohydrates from my diet ( Zero Carb). Everything you need to know about how I finally beat the battle of the bulge forever is located at: http://zeroinginonhealth.com

This is not a sales pitch, I am just so happy about how I feel that I wanted to share it.  It would be great if this blog post helped just one person find the happiness & health that I have.

– Dana

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