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by Dana
Blue Velvet Steel Boned Corset
Blue Velvet Corset

Blue Velvet Overbust Corset

I am so glad corsets are back in.  I don’t really think they were ever out, but there are so many beautiful corsets out this season.
CBS recently reported on the popularity of corsets this season in an article. Suck it Up!
Corsets are flattering on any body type.  They give your body a more hour glass look.  Many of today’s corsets are made with light but firm boning for a comfortable supportive fit.
This beautiful velvet corset is a heavy duty steel boned corset allows for some serious cinching.
I love Escante’s Tesa Corset line.  Most of their corsets including the Black Leather Look Corsethave a waist cinching

Leather look corset

Black Leather Look Corset

lace up back, with a side zip, or front zip closure to make it easier to take on and off.   These corsets are well made with beautiful fabrics and sold at reasonable prices.
When buying a corset your waist measurement is the most important.  If the corset is too big in the waist it will not fit right.  You want a corset to be at least 2″ smaller than your waist.  So if you have a 28″ waist you want the corset to be 26″ around the waist, at the most.  I prefer 3 inches or more to allow for fabric stretching.  It is normal to have up to a 6 inch gap in the back lacing.

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