Dana - OwnerNyteez.com (nighties) is a web store owned and operated by me, Dana.  Nyteez started out as a small lingerie boutique in Chico, California, during the early 1970’s.  I purchased it in the early 1990’s.  When the big lingerie stores came to town I closed my small boutique and put Nyteez.com on the internet.  Nyteez still sells top quality boutique lingerie and sleepwear at great prices, and have added unique, fun & sexy clothing to my selection.   Nyteez currently sells on Amazon.com with most items being fulfilled by Amazon that qualify for free 2 day shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member!

Nyteez.net is a Blog about the fashion industry and includes sections for romance idea’s, gift ideas, what’s hot, what’s not, reviews and whatever else I can think of that would be fun.  My goal is to create a website where people can come to get ideas and advice for those “special” encounters and providing you with the latest lingerie fashion news, gift ideas, travel reviews and overall romance guide.